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DJ Mikki MU

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Man’s continuous seperation from the Earth via technocratic distraction has resulted in an imbalance of the earth's magnetic field in many continents around the world.  Global change is now happening and will continue to occur until enough of us awaken into our co-creative alliance with Mother Earth and her wisdom people. 

With the power of our collective focus and intent, we can begin to work with and assist our planet to restore its balance by “tuning into” the Elemental Kingdoms of Nature, which begins with the five elements of EARTH, WATER, FIRE, AIR and ETHER. 

The Elemental Kingdom is the spiritual life force of nature that keeps the spiral wheels turning in harmony. The Elementals maintain the birth, life, death, and re-birth cycles of balance within all living things. At this time, these energies are needing assistance from the awakening human species to stabilize magnetic grids. This also assists in our own personal transformation for what we do for the elemental collective we receive in equal manifestation or better. This is a Universal Law.

When the elements are out of balance, parts of the earth become out of balance, just like when we become out of balance, our inner elements(blood, organs, digestion, etc) become out of balance and vice versa, for we are an integrated part of the whole. 

In this context, Shamaneka addresses these FIVE elemental topics for each participant in the ecstatic dance ceremony.


  • 1. EARTH. How grounded are you? Are you feeling out of body?, out of touch?, out of reality?, staring at the computer screen God for too long?, running too much electricity in your life?
  • 2. WATER. How in touch are you with your feelings? How is your Joy factor? Are you surpressing your anger, frustration, or sadness? Are you afraid to break down and be vulnerable? holding onto control and egoic illusions? Afraid to let go and be in the flow?
  • 3. FIRE. How is your passion for life? Are you doing things out fear or scarcity? Allowing discordant energies or others to walk over you? Are you feeling heavy, depressed, or lethargic? Just going through the motions, day in and day out? Are you being direct and standing in your inner authority? Are you demanding or commanding life?
  • 4. AIR. How is your communication with your inner sacred heart self, your loved ones, your community? Are you expressing yourself freely? Are you speaking from the truth of your open heart or from someplace else? Are you needing to lighten up and laugh a lot more? Feeling like you can't breath or don't have the freedom to fly? How is your heart voice? Is it being surpressed by your overworked mental thought patterns? How is your inner divine child and it's soul desire to play & sing innocently?
  • 5. ETHER. How in touch or aware are you with your spiritual intent? The energy of all things is reflected right here in the very spiritual essence surrounding you now. Whether you are conscious of it or not, the universal intent of this moment is what propels you forward to the manifestation of ether into material 3-d form. Are you forcing life to happen or allowing yourself to magnetize your highest intentions, dreams, & desires to manifest with ease, grace, and gratitude?

Shamaneka begins with a powerful surge of intentional invocation by intertwining sound, mudra, and spiral directional movement that activates the group’s collective central spin point.

When the group's magnetic field is set, he will then guide participants through the five shamanic archetypal seeds of consciousness to inspire a deeper embodiment of the dance.

As the progression of energy builds from the ground up, DJ Mikael King will take you on a deeply moving and spiritually empowering, tribal dance music journey.

By dynamically raising the collective energy into full throttle ecstatic dance, participants will have a safe opportunity to explore their own double crystal spiral kundalini movement, release authentic feelings, and connect with others in a conscious earth-raising dance container.

In this way, Shamaneka participants will not only experience incredible trance-formation in themselves, but also help to restore the balance of earth’s magnetic fields in both their local and global environment.

In Essence, Shamaneka is simply about going a whole lot deeper into self.

Deeper into your Dance.  Deeper into your intent.  Deeper into your natural ability to express your WHOLE BODY DIVINEJOY FEELING intent - the most powerful human tool we have for personal and collective transformation.

Shamaneka enables us to experience true spiritual ecstasy, tribal life force, and a profoundly peaceful awareness of Crysal KaMu Silence at the end of the journey.

It is time to Move, Dance, Chant, Connect, and Sweat your Elements into Perfect Balance!



The 7 guidelines to a proper Elemental Ecstatic Dance Activation:

  1. We warm up with free flow stretching or yoga asanas.

  2. We begin with a circle of personal and collective intent.

  3. We honor the dance activation with silence to solidify our intent.

  4. We activate all the elements and directions in a dynamic group invocation to create a synchronized magnetic field of resonance.

  5. We are guided to fully express our physical body intentions through the five elements and their archetypes: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether.

  6. We dance, sound, and sweat ecstasy projecting our intent into the field of manifestation!

  7. We warm down and close with a circle of gratitude and authentic open heart sharing.


Elemental Intention, Sound, Breath, and Movement =
the Divine Joy of Embodied Avatar Presence.


ShamanEka Group Love Kaua'i




not just another ecstatic dance.